TIME WARP with Bill St. James

TIME WARP with Bill St. James




If you thought time only moved forward, then join legendary host Bill St. James on a weekly journey through those awkward, growing up years of the past.  It’s TIME WARP with Bill St. James—4 hours of whacky witticisms, goofy sitcoms, cheesy commercials and..oh, yes…the greatest Classic Rock of all time!

Every week, TIME WARP through the best Classic Rock of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and all other things that made those times so much fun, James Bond, Jiffy Pop, Star Trek, Record Players, MTV!  

Your TIME WARP travel begins by calling Ralph Riley /United Stations Radio Networks. Direct 972-562-3381 or ralphriley@unitedstations.com



Weekend Of: Feature:
December 31 - Jan 1 1974 / Star Trek
January 7 - 8 Getting Old / 12 String
January 14 - 15 1976 / It's A Gas
January 21 - 22 Colors / Turn Me On
January 28 - 29 1981 / Can You Hear Me?
February 4 - 5 Food Fight / 1987
February 11 - 12 Valentine's Day / The Big Game
February 18 - 19 1982 / Cold Hard Cash


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Hosted by Legendary Bill St James

4 Hours each week 

TIME WARP features a theme each hour:  (ex: Songs from 1981, Songs with Names in their Title, Songs from Movies, Songs about CARS)

Includes custom station liner package and custom promos from Bill St James 

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