Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel


THE TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL, created by Radio Hall of Famer, SCOTT SHANNON, provides the 24/7 format that you need to fill the audience demand in your market to hear a full-time “oldies” mix. Gold-based radio stations have evolved into a variety of different sounds, but those more contemporary formats ignore some of the most popular music of the last half-century. The TRUE OLDIES CHANNELS features music of the heyday of pop music…. The Beatles, Motown, the British Invasion, the great singer-songwriters of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and a whole lot more. Plus, it’s presented in a fully-produced style, with jingles and production, that the fans of that era and that music truly appreciate.

The TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL (TOC) is formatted for 2 commercial breaks per hour in most dayparts. The channel retains two (2) minutes of commercial time per hour, and the rest of the local time on the clock (10 minutes per hour) is yours to sell. Plus, the host(s) on the channel will record all of the elements you need to properly localize the channel for your market, from connectors and re-joins, to legal ID’s.

And for the first time, the TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL will not require a satellite receiver or parabolic antenna/satellite ‘dish’. The TOC is partnering with the team at Synchronicity (see more at for the most up-to-date distribution technology. Synchronicity’s cloud-based interface inserts the TOC format seamlessly directly into your automation system. All of the elements play, the network and the local content, and there’s also the flexibility to alter your clocks in some dayparts to enable programming variations wherever you need them.

Listen to True Oldies Channel Online: