Katie & Company

Katie & Company

Bring your listeners a direct connection to the artists and the inside track on everything country music and all right from the heart of Nashville. Now, before you start to think this is a canned, unpersonable show that brings no localized flair to your market... think again. You will not hear Katie shout out a listener listening to the show in a small market 1500 miles away; instead, you get custom liners, ids, and promos with your branding and your local references to make Katie YOUR personality specific to your market. Katie & Company is a five-hour segmented show easily ingested into any automation. You control the music but Katie is between the songs.

SUPERSTAR POWER HOUR - Every day Katie spends an hour with some of country music’s hottest stars as a co-host. They share stories and talk music and it is all part of the Katie & Company show package.

Katie's Bio: Broadcasting from Nashville, Katie Neal is an ACM-nominated and Gracie Award-winning host that keeps you in the know about all things Country music. She brings a personal connection to the artists and the music that can only be described as genuine. Katie is always looking for a good laugh and a great deal and has an uncanny ability to bring her listeners into her life as if she is an old friend. When Katie's not on your radio, she's probably binging the latest trendy tv show, eating a mall pretzel in her car, or visiting some far corner of the world!


 "Katie is a pro! Completely engaged with my brand, excited to help our advertisers with customized endorsements, and has the best conversations WITH stars in our format!" - Scott Roddy, RBM/Brand Manager, KWJJ

"Katie brings exceptional and engaging content and superstar artists to our fans daily and is a proven consistent PPM winner for WYCD!" - Tim Roberts, SVP Programming, Country Format Capt., Brand Manager, WYCD


WBEE Rochester: #1 with 8.8

WGGY Wilkes Barre: #2 with 9.1

WUSY Chattanooga: #2 with 10.3

WPAW Greensboro: Went from 3.2 (10th) in January 2022 to 10.3 (2nd) in October 2022 

KFRG Riverside: Went from 3.7 (6th) in January 2022 to 5.4 (2nd) in October 2022

Demo Scoped Show

Live/Pre-tape: Pre-taped

Show Structure: Segments

Delivery: Digital Download/Mr. Master

Show Length: 5 Hours

Format(s): Country

Music: 14 songs per hour (by station)

Recommended DayPart: Middays

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